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5 Ways to Eat Healthy for the Holidays

10/17/2018 | By: Vitamix

These Vitamix recipes can help you enjoy the rich flavors you remember, while helping you ring in a healthy New Year.

Tags: healthy for the holidays, squash, soup, sauce, pumpkin, healthy, entertaining, cranberry, christmas, calorie

7 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for Holiday Entertaining

12/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Try these delicious recipes to explore the full potential of pumpkin.

Tags: holiday entertaining, thanksgiving, squash, soup, pumpkin, pie, entertaining, dinner, dessert, christmas, autumn, appetizer

What to Do With Winter Squash

11/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

If you don't know what to do with winter squash, here are a few suggestions to set you on your way.

Tags: healthy for the holidays, thanksgiving, squash, soup, salad, pumpkin, pie, leftovers, dessert, autumn

Best Pies for the Fall

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Dust off your apron and ready your rolling pin—these are a few of the best pies for fall.

Tags: sweet-potato, squash, pumpkin, pie, cherry, baking, autumn, apple

Acorn vs. Butternut Squash

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

These squash recipes will perfectly complement a crisp autumn day.

Tags: squash, soup, smoothie, sauce, autumn, dinner

7 Uses for Your Pumpkin

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

These seven uses for your pumpkin will give you a new spin on holiday eats.

Tags: squash, pumpkin, cocktail, butter, bread, baking, autumn

Spaghetti Squash: A Noodle Alternative

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Despite its name, spaghetti squash isn't a noodle, but you can treat it like one.

Tags: squash, sauce, roasting, grilling

5 Ideas for Incorporating Squash Into Meals

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Check out these five ideas for incorporating squash into meals for weeknights or special occasions.

Tags: squash, salad, healthy, family, dinner, dessert

6 Vegetarian Zucchini Recipes

08/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Enjoy these great recipes for the always-abundant zucchini harvest.

Tags: vegetarian, zucchini, thai, summer, squash, soup, sauce, dinner, breakfast, bread

Results: 1-11 of 11