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Effects of Tryptophan: The Truth about Holiday Food Comas

11/11/2016 | By: Laurel Moll

Here's what you should know about the effects of tryptophan.

Tags: holiday entertaining, turkey, thanksgiving, mood

Popular Holiday Sauce Recipes

12/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Margarita season may be over, but your Vitamix blender can still turn out a fabulous drink to add color and cheer to a festive gathering.

Tags: holiday entertaining, thanksgiving, turkey, thai, spice, sauce, gravy, ginger, curry, cranberry, christmas, beet, asian

Turkey Talk: Best Methods for Cooking the Bird

11/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

The best methods for cooking the bird yield flavorful, moist, tender meat that pairs perfectly with homemade gravies and sauces.

Tags: turkey, thanksgiving, smoking, sauce, roasting, poultry, gravy, entertaining, cranberry, christmas, brining

Results: 1-3 of 3