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Dandelion Greens: More Than Just a Weed

09/14/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Dandelion greens are more than weeds. Here's what you should know.

Tags: produce, nutrition, healthy, garden, farm-to-table

5 Benefits of Making Home-Cooked Meals

08/22/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Even in today's busy world, making home-cooked meals matters. Here's why.

Tags: homemade, healthy, food-cost, family, budget

5 Organization Tips for the New School Year

08/05/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Use these organization tips to start the new school year on the right foot.

Tags: family, autumn, back-to-school

Feeling Overwhelmed? 6 Tips for Back-to-School Season

07/14/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Feeling overwhelmed by back-to-school schedules? Here are six tips.

Tags: quick, family, easy, dinner, back-to-school, autumn

Digital Detox: It's Time to Put Down Your Phone

06/27/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Here's how to take a break from constant connection with a digital detox.

Tags: mood, healthy, cleanse

5 Healthy Meals for Kids and Adults

06/22/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Making healthy meals for kids doesn't have to be a headache.

Tags: soup, smoothie, quick, pizza, nutrition, lunch, healthy, entree, easy, dinner, curry, cauliflower, breakfast, family

5 DIY Gifts You Can Make in a Blender

06/03/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Here are five thoughtful, creative DIY gifts you can whip up in a blender.

Tags: beauty, homemade, whole-food, dessert, baking, healthy, quick, cookie, dip, dough, dressing, snack, easy

15 Fall Activities to Try This Year

| By: Shanna Mallon

Here are 15 fun fall activities to make the most of autumn this year.

Tags: thanksgiving, halloween, family, autumn

The Basics of Brewing Kombucha

| By: Shanna Mallon

Here's a simple how-to guide on brewing kombucha at home.

Tags: tea, kombucha, homemade, healthy, fermented, demonstration, budget, beverage

Eating Greens: 5 Salad-Free Ideas

| By: Shanna Mallon

Here are five flavorful options for eating greens more often.

Tags: whole-food, vegetarian, produce, nutrition, healthy

Spring Cleaning Tips: 5 DIY Chemical-Free Products to Try

| By: Shanna Mallon

Looking for spring cleaning tips? Try these DIY chemical-free products.

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Results: 13-24 of 30