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Jonathan Zaragoza Brings Authentic Mexican Heritage to Chicago Food Scene


Chef Jonathan Zaragoza shares his secret to a sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen.

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Feeding Our Neighbors: Help and Hope


Restaurants and food-related nonprofits are finding innovative ways to move forward, and even more innovative ways to thank local heroes and lend a hand to those in need.

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Keep It Quiet! Hidden Advantages of The Quiet One Product Updates, from a Vitamix Insider


Learn more about The Quiet One and it's new features and benefits!

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Chef Chris Aquilino’s Journey from Passion to Purpose


Learn how Chef Chris Aquilino reduces food waste and develops meal plans using Vitamix machines.

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Heidi Robb Makes a Career Out of Food with Flair


Food Stylist Heidi Robb offers simple advice for those interested in the culinary industry and how to become a good cook.

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Parents Propel Healthy School Breakfast Initiative with Help of Vitamix Machines


Palermo public schools use Vitamix machines to help achieve versatile and healthy breakfast options.

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The Top Contender in the Battle Against Food Waste


Learn how Chef John Taube shares his passion and sustainable cooking techniques while using the Vitamix.

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One Family’s Mission to Disrupt the Feeding Tube Nutrition Market One Blended Meal at a Time


Learn how one family uses the Vitamix to inspire the feeding tube community.

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Smoothie Day Boosts Spirits and Nutrition for Cancer Patients at Renowned Children’s Hospital


Learn more about Smoothie Day at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s programs.

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Oakland Zoo Residents - The Vitamix Fan Club

03/31/2020 | By: Janel Hlebak

Discover how Vitamix impacts health and wellness at the Oakland Zoo.

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From Farm to Table: Evan Hanczor’s Journey to Culinary Sustainability


Chef Evan Hanczor expresses his creative menu by getting ‘free ingredients’ from the parts of food you wouldn’t normally use.

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This self-trained Vitamix chef and problem solver wants to make your job easier


Learn about the types of challenges Vitamix products can solve for culinary professionals

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