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This self-trained Vitamix chef and problem solver wants to make your job easier


Learn about the types of challenges Vitamix products can solve for culinary professionals

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From Farm to Table: Evan Hanczor’s Journey to Culinary Sustainability


Chef Evan Hanczor expresses his creative menu by getting ‘free ingredients’ from the parts of food you wouldn’t normally use.

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Chef Alejandra Schrader: Inspired by Mother Earth, Inspiring Humanity


Chef Alejandra Schrader shares why investing in a Vitamix is critical and how she spreads the message of sustainability

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For one southern chef, patience is the key ingredient


Chef Joey Ward shares his love for the Vita-Prep and the convenience it has brought to his restaurants.

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Chef Brandon Carter: From International Cuisine to Local, Lowcountry Fare


Learn Chef Brandon Carter's passion for local fare grew and why the Vitamix is the most important piece in his kitchen.

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Will Hollingsworth brings a spiritual approach to craft cocktails


Proprietor Will Hollingsworth shares his spin on craft cocktails using the Vitamix

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All Roads Lead to Vitamix: Chef Adam Wilson’s Journey

09/19/2019 | By: Jamie Dalton

Chef Adam Wilson has worked in nearly every corner of the culinary industry. From fine to casual dining, chains to independent restaurants, back of house to front of house, plus pizzerias, school cafeterias, culinary education, sales and commercial food equipment … he’s experienced it all.

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A Healthy World View Helps Vitamix Chef Matt Dugan Improve His Craft


Meet Vitamix executive chef Matt Dugan, and learn how he uses his life-long culinary curiosity to develop new Vitamix recipes.

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Fish-based Blends Aid Seal Rehabilitation at The Marine Mammal Center


Learn about the role Vitamix blenders play in helping rehabilitate seal pups at the Marine Mammal Center

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Restaurant Reviews: How to Use Social Media to Your Benefit

03/28/2017 | By: Jim Berman

You can take advantage of restaurant reviews on social media. Here's how.

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The Big Game: How to Craft a Menu for Your Restaurant

03/24/2017 | By: Samantha Lande

Here are some tips on how to create a great menu for the big game.

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Holiday Desserts: Creative Ideas for Seasonal Treats

03/22/2017 | By: Samantha Lande

Here are some creative ways to amp up your holiday desserts.

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Results: 13-24 of 159