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FoodCycler FC-30

FoodCycler FC-30

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Retired Product

FoodCycler FC-30



The FoodCycler is a compact counter-top food recycler which transforms food waste to fertilizer within hours. Odorless and quiet, the unit comes with a removable waste bucket for easy loading, and an intuitive carbon filtration system (1st set of filters already installed!)

Reduce Food Waste

The FoodCycler pulverizes and aerates nearly all types of food waste, breaking them down to a tenth of their original volume. Use the by-product as fertilizer to thoroughly mix into your soil.

Fits Almost Anywhere

The FoodCycler is similar in size to a bread machine. It should fit almost anywhere you have about one cubic foot of space with a power outlet. Keep the bucket in the kitchen, under the sink, or by the trash can, and store the FoodCycler in the garage, in a closet, or on the counter.

Don’t Wait

Traditional composting can take weeks, if not months, to transform food waste into garden-ready fertilizer. Because of the FoodCycler’s intense aeration, heating and pulverization, this process is sped up and completed within 3 to 8 hours.

Blending Cup & Bowls

Make personal smoothies or batches of baby food—and avoid washing extra dishes. Blending Cups and Bowls let you blend individual servings right inside the container and immediately take them to go, or store for later use.

What comes in the box

Foodcycler hero on-grey
1 FoodCycler FC-30 Platinum (with removable unit lid)

2 Foodcycler Filters On-Grey
1 set of 2 carbon filters (with 2 filter caps)

Foodcycler Bucket On-Grey
1 removable waste bucket

1-Year Warranty

The FoodCycler FC-30 carries a standard 1-year warranty on the unit and its parts. This warranty does not cover the filters, which need to be replaced every 3-4 months, depending on use.