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Roasted Cauliflower & Black Pepper Bisque

Roasted vegetables and herbs give this hearty soup its delicious flavor.

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Simple | 35 Minutes

Gerösteter Wirsing-Kartoffelsalat mit Senf-Vinaigrette

This seasonal dish is packed with flavor from caramelized vegetables and a bold mustard vinaigrette.

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Simple | 40 Minutes

Coconut Red Curry Squash Soup

This savory curried soup packs a lot of flavor with a simple but great ingredient combination.

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Simple | 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Wild Mushroom and Thyme Cream Soup

Mushrooms add a delicious umami flavor, while cashews create a creamy (dairy free) base for this nutritious soup.

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Simple | 30 Minutes

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup with Quinoa and Local Greens

Root vegetables and hearty kale come together to form a bold, filling, and flavorful soup.

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Simple | 55 Minutes

Results: 1-5 of 5

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