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Vitamix 100 year annivarsary

Our History

Barnard Sales Co


William Grover Barnard, affectionately known as “Papa Barnard,” starts a company selling household products through demonstration. He finds early success selling the 25-cent Polly Can Opener, which gave people safer and easier access to healthy foods year-round.

The Road to the Vita-Mix


The Great Lakes Exposition brings the Barnards to Cleveland, Ohio, which they soon decide to call home. Their passion for nutrition inspires them to form a mail-order business selling vitamins and health food. When Papa meets Al Bersted – an enterprising engineer and maker of blenders – he has an “aha” moment, realizing that blenders may hold the secret to sustainable health. The first Vita-Mix is created and marketed as an easy way to make nutritious whole foods taste great. It sold for $11.95.

Natural Foods Institute


As Papa’s vision to fuel a whole-food revolution takes shape, the Barnards open their health food storefront and the company’s new namesake, the Natural Foods Institute.

Vitamix World Headquarters Established


The company moves to Olmsted Township, Ohio, where Bill Barnard builds a rustic, 1,000-square-foot office building. The health food division becomes smaller as the family focuses on direct marketing and sales demonstrations of the Vita-Mix machine.

Ruths Recipes


Ruth Barnard, wife of Papa’s son Bill, contributes vitamin-rich recipes to a cookbook, 500 Recipes for Vita-Mix and Other Liquifying Machines. Her innovations in healthy eating help put the Vita-Mix machine ahead of other blenders on the market.


Bill Barnard convinces his father to air a first-of-its-kind, half-hour infomercial over WEWS in Cleveland. They needed to sell 18 Vita-Mix Machines to break even on the ad cost. That night, they sold more than 400.

1955 Papa Retires


Papa hands over the company to the family. Bill and Ruth incorporate the business and build a 3,400-square-foot log building on the Olmsted Township campus. They travel coast to coast, demonstrating the benefits of healthy living through the Vita-Mix machine.

Grover Barnard


Bill and Ruth’s son Grover joins the company. He shifts the focus solely to Vita-Mix machines and innovation, discontinuing the health food division. In 1966, the company name is changed to Vita-Mix Corporation. Grover goes on to become president in 1985.

Vitamix Going Global


John Barnard, Bill and Ruth’s son and brother to Grover, rejoins the company in 1981 as head engineer. He redesigns the Vita-Mix 3600 to meet Canadian standards, setting the stage for future international sales. John will go on to heavily influence product development, as well as manufacturing and sales, before becoming president in 1999.

Vitamix Retail Expansion


As the whole-food movement gains traction, Vitamix® takes its demonstration and plant-based recipes to retailers, beginning with Costco.

Jodi Berg


Jodi Berg becomes president, and a year later, CEO. Her father, John Barnard, becomes executive chairman. The company is now in more than 80 countries and wins exporting excellence awards from the state and federal government.

1 Million Machines


Vitamix, having opened a 175,000-square-foot operations center in Strongsville, Ohio, hits the 1 million mark in machines manufactured over a single year.

Stage for the Next Century


In the midst of a pandemic, Vitamix is recognized as a leader in a crisis, demonstrating that strong values, purpose and passion for making a difference can impact not just company performance, but the greater community as well.

Vitamix at 100 Years


After 100 years, four generations, and sales in 130 countries, the Vitamix family business is thriving under Jodi Berg’s leadership. Jodi is known for infusing the company culture with purpose and passion for whole, healthy foods.

“If we can change the way people eat, we can change the future.”
–Jodi L. Berg, Ph.D., President and CEO, Vitamix

A Whole-Food Health Pioneer

From the start, Vitamix® was rooted in whole-food nutrition. Although much has changed since 1921, our focus on better living through health and wellness holds strong.

whole food nutrition

Where It All Began

The Barnards’ passion for whole-food nutrition was born after discovering a natural solution for a family member’s chronic illness. They became vegetarians and cut sugar and caffeine from their diets. After seeing the benefits from this lifestyle change, they were believers in the power of whole foods.

Natural Foods Institute

Committing to Nutrition

By the late 1930s, the Barnards had made promoting healthy eating their life’s work. Their mail-order health food and vitamin business grew into the Natural Foods Institute. And when Papa recognized that a powerful blender could make healthy foods taste great, the Vita-Mix was created – and also sold in the family store.

Plant based whole foods

Advocating for Whole Foods

In 1937, Papa Barnard published a book citing natural foods as a cure for many common diseases. In the ’40s and beyond, Ruth Barnard worked tirelessly to develop recipes rich in core vitamins. During the diet crazes of the ’80s and ’90s, Vitamix worked to educate the public about the difference between calories and nutrition. Today, the Vitamix Foundation pursues the elimination of diet-driven illness through the consumption of plant-based whole foods.

Innovation of next-generation blending machines

Innovating for Better Health

Unsurprisingly, the single greatest way Vitamix has committed to whole-food health is through the continuous innovation of next-generation blending machines. Through industry-leading design and engineering, whole-food nutrition is made easy, efficient, and delicious for people at home, in professional kitchens, and beyond.

Vitamix® Through the Years

From the very first at-home blending machine to expansions into commercial kitchens to our latest innovations, here’s a look at the evolution of the Vitamix®.

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