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Farro, Butternut Squash and Red Onion Salad

This comforting salad is bursting with fall flavors and textures, with crunchy cranberries and fresh herbs.

Farro, Butternut Squash, Red Onion Salad; Roasted Pear Dressing.jpg


  • 350 g (2 cups) farro, cooked, cooled
  • 400 g (3 cups) roasted butternut squash, cooled, cut into chunks
  • 125 g (½ ) large red onion, thinly sliced
  • 100 g (1 cup) fresh cranberries, or frozen thawed
  • 100 g (1 cup) pecans, chopped
  • 100 g (1 cup) fresh parsley leaves, stemmed, about 1 bunch
  • 360 ml (1½ cup) Roasted Pear Vinaigrette


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss gently to combine.
  2. Cover salad and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours before serving.

Chef's Notes

  • Such a deliciously nutrient dense dish thanks to the farro, squash, cranberries, and pecans.
  • Try chopping your pecans or slicing your red onions in the Vitamix Food Processor. If desired, the raw onion taste can be lessened by placing sliced onions in ice water for 10-15 minutes.

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