Aer Disc Container

Aer Disc Container

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Aer Disc Container



The Aer disc is a simple but revolutionary innovation that allows you to master culinary techniques like whipping, muddling, foaming and emulsifying with minimal effort.  Liquid ingredients are pulled through small holes in the spinning disc, aerating and emulsifying them, while firmer ingredients like ice, fruit, and herbs are agitated but not puréed. This unique design allows you to create:

Effortless Craft Cocktails

Make batches of handcrafted-quality cocktails in a fraction of the time. Unlike a typical blending container, the Aer disc container acts like both a muddler and a cocktail shaker, extracting essential oils and juice, while at the same time chilling drinks without crushing the ice.

Perfectly Precise Textures

The Aer disc container excels at producing consistently creamy emulsions, light culinary foams, and stiff whipped creams. Add fresh fruit, veggies, or herbs to the mixture, and the Aer disc will partially crush the ingredients, adding additional texture and bursts of flavor

BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

The container and lid are dishwasher-safe and made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan™.


For use with Vitamix® Ascent™ and Venturist™ Series blenders only.

What comes in the box

  • 1.4-litre Aer Disc Container
  • S2 Low-Profile Tamper
Full Warranty

3-Year Full Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our containers with full warranties, covering all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no cost to you. Read the Warranty.