Ascent Series

Containers & Accessories

The right size at the right time.

From boisterous family meals and rowdy dinner parties to easy-travel smoothies and grab-and-go lunches, Smart System
blenders are compatible with a variety of cup, bowl, and container sizes to simplify all your mealtime adventures.

  1. 2.0-litre Low-Profile Container with SELF-DETECT™

    2.0-litre Low-Profile Container with SELF-DETECT™

  2. Aer Disc Container

    Aer Disc Container

  3. 1.4L Standard Interlock Container

    1.4L Standard Interlock Container

  1. 1.4L Dry Grains Container

    1.4L Dry Grains Container

  2. Blending Cup with SELF-DETECT®

    Blending Cup with SELF-DETECT®

  3. Blending Bowls with SELF-DETECT®

    Blending Bowls with SELF-DETECT®

Vitamix Ascent Accessories Self Detect® Blade Base

Blade Base

Attach a container to the SELF-DETECT® blade base. Place it on your Smart System blender. And like magic, your machine automatically detects the container size and adjusts blend settings accordingly—making you a culinary wizard.

The blade base is included in Starter Kits, not available for individual sale. Only compatible with Smart System blenders.

Vitamix Ascent Accessories Self Detect 8 ounce

225ml Blending Bowl

Quickly chop ingredients for any recipe or blend individual servings of dips, baby food, sauces, and salad dressing. Switch out the blade base for a stackable lid to immediately store or pack in lunches.

Vitamix Ascent Accessories Self Detect 20 ounce

600ml Blending Cup

Blend a personal smoothie, whole-food juice, or the week’s fresh salad dressing. Our flip-top lid gives you a perfect pour and lets you take that smoothie with you on busy mornings—and avoid extra dirty dishes.