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Cooking with Food Scraps: How to Make the Most of Your Groceries

04/07/2017 | Par : Maria Ushakova

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your produce.

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Transforming Meals into Baby Food Purées

06/01/2016 | Par : vitamix

Vitamix machines process hard-to-blend-textures, such as celery, chicken and asparagus, with ease, transforming meals into fresh baby food purées.

Catégorie : Découverte Mots-clés : sustainable, nutrition, leftovers, healthy, food-storage, filtration-bag, family, budget, baby, asparagus

Vegetables and Herbs: How to Buy, Prepare, Store and Cook

05/01/2016 | Par : vitamix

Here are a few quick tips on how to buy, prepare, store and cook with fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Comment congeler des portions individuelles de smoothies

10/01/2015 | Par : vitamix

Congelez des portions de smoothies pour un petit-déjeuner rapide et sain, à emporter partout.

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