5 Tips for Planting a Garden

The shorter the distance food travels from farm to table, the better it tastes. Ask anyone who has snipped fresh basil over a homegrown tomato still warm from the sun.

Try these 5 tips for planting your homegrown garden:

  1. Whether you have a large traditional garden or a few herb containers, you’ll enjoy a steady supply of just-picked summer flavors. At summer’s end, just cut and thoroughly air-dry your herb harvest, then store in air-tight containers.
  2. Start by selecting healthy nursery stock of basil, parsley (both curly and flat), rosemary, cilantro, and mint for a flavor palette that ranges from savory to sharp.
  3. Plant after the possibility of frost has passed. Herbs love sun and generally take well to close quarters. You can tuck a few of each in a small patch of well-drained soil or a single generous container, with a few exceptions. Basil favors a bit more elbow room; it will thrive in deep, rich soil, and reward you with an ample harvest. Mint, incomparable for its bright flavor, is also aggressive. To prevent a hostile takeover, give it a pot of its own and avoid planting it directly into the garden.
  4. It’s easy enough to add a tomato plant or two. Look for varieties particularly suited to growing in containers. If you do have the room, nothing says “summer garden” like a lush, sprawling zucchini vine.
  5. Vitamix recipes often call for very small amounts of herbs. That’s because the powerful Vitamix blades extract maximum flavor from every part of the plant, similar to the way crushing a clove of fresh garlic releases significantly more flavor than merely slicing it.

관련 레시피

베이컨 체다 감자 수프

베이컨 체다 감자 수프

배가 든든해지는 수프를 대량으로 만들어 냉장고에 보관해두면 저녁에 간단히 허기를 채울 수 있습니다.
시원한 바질 레모네이드

시원한 바질 레모네이드

Create this icy, refreshing blend of citrus and herbs for those hot summer picnics. Made with whole seeded lemons—no juicing required!

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전통적인 토마토 살사로 갑자기 방문한 자녀의 친구들이나 즉흥적인 파티에도 손색이 없습니다.