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Vitamix 기업 역사

A Letter from our President & CEO

Jodi Berg, Ph.D

Jodi Berg, Ph.D

When I was asked to become the president of Vitamix in 2009, the company was already recognized as the market leader in blending technology. I realized that I was not just accepting a new position, but agreeing to steward a legacy. It is incredibly humbling to know that the successes we experience today have been made possible by the foundational leadership, passion, and commitment of the generations before us.

I wish I could give you a personal tour through the halls of our company, show you the family photos that hang here, and let you touch the logs of the home and office that my grandfather built by hand in the 1940s while keeping his business afloat, supporting the war effort, and raising a family. Some of my fondest memories took place inside these walls, including family reunions and listening in fascination as my grandfather would talk to customers on the phone, helping them knead bread dough in their Vitamix machines, which was very popular at that time.

Our customers are still the center of our world. As the fourth-generation president and CEO of Vitamix, our history is very personal to me, as it is for the hundreds of employees who design, perfect, and build our world-class blending equipment. Join me as we walk through this almost century-long, true American success story.

우리의 역사는 저의 증조부께서 대공항의 전조였던 경제 위기에 봉착한 1921년에 시작됩니다. 우리 모두의 '파파'였던 William Grover Barnard는 현대식 주방 제품을 팔기 위해 전국을 돌아다니기로 했습니다. 자연식품 영양소가 건강과 웰빙에 미치는 가치를 생각하게 된 것은 몸이 아픈 그의 친구를 도와주면서 시작되었습니다. '파파'는 회사명을 The Natural Food Institute로 바꾼 후, 건강 식품 산업의 선구자로 거듭났으며 자신이 아는 식품과 건강에 대한 모든 지식을 연구하여 사람들에게 전파하기 시작했습니다. 1937년이 되던 해, '파파'는 블렌더라는 새로운 제품을 소개받았습니다. 그는 곧바로 건강한 식품을 쉽고 빠르게 맛있는 음식으로 만들어 주는 블렌딩의 가치를 간파했습니다. 그는 새로운 제품 판매에 집중하기 시작했고 다른 증조부께서 활력이라는 의미를 지닌 vita라는 단어에서 아이디어를 얻어 "Vita-Mix"라는 이름을 붙이셨습니다.

Papa Barnard

Papa Barnard

1949년, 저의 할아버지 Bill Barnard는 '파파'를 설득한 끝에 직접 시연하는 모습을 당시 최신 광고 형태인 TV 광고로 내보냈습니다. '파파'는 과연 TV가 가족들에게 사랑받을 수 있을까 하는 의구심을 이겨내고, 미국에서 최초로 해설식 광고를 만드는 새로운 역사를 써 내려 갔습니다. 할아버지는 몇 년후인 1955년에 사업을 물려받게 되었고, 1964년 그의 아들인 Grover가 회사에 투입될 때 Vita-Mix Corporation으로 회사명을 공식 변경했습니다.

Knowing the benefits of whole foods, Grandpa was determined to make healthy food preparation even easier and more delicious. The Vitamix became more powerful and versatile, setting it apart from any other product on the market. In 1969, he introduced the Vitamix 3600, the first blender that could make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough. My grandmother created hundreds of recipes for healthy alternatives to the foods we loved.

Thirty years later, my father, John Barnard, and his brother used their engineering backgrounds to make significant improvements to the performance and durability of the Vitamix product line—further developing the technology that allows families to pass their cherished Vitamix machines from one generation to another. In 1985, they developed the first Vitamix commercial blender, the Mix’n Machine. My dad’s vision then established us as the first high-performance blender in the food service industry—where our quality, performance, and value continue to set the bar. Today, a full line of commercial Vitamix machines can be found in gourmet restaurants and leading chains around the world.

Some of the lessons we learned along the way are still with us today. We continue to persevere to create the highest- quality product through customer input and advanced technology. We are steadfast in creating a better future through family values and healthy, delicious food. And we are committed to liberating and nourishing the zest for life.

What Papa Barnard realized decades ago is now common knowledge: The world can be a healthier and better place through whole-food nutrition. It is not just our torch, it is a passion held by many. Please join us in changing the way the world thinks about food, quality products, and customer service. We can make a bigger difference together. You, too, can be a part of our story.

여러분의 건강과 활력을 소중히 생각하는

Jodi Berg
President & CEO

Dr. Jodi L. Berg - Biography

Dr. Berg is fourth-generation president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Vitamix, a 99-year-young, family-owned, mid-market manufacturer of high-performance blending equipment for the consumer and food service commercial markets.

She joined Vitamix in 1997 with the directive to lead the company’s overseas expansion. At the time, Vitamix had a presence in a few countries. Under her leadership, Vitamix products now are available in more than 130 countries around the world. She established Vitamix as the world leader in high-performance blending and led the company to organic growth of more than 400%. She was named executive vice president (in 2007), then president (2009) and CEO (2011).

Dr. Berg transformed the organizational structure of the company and its corporate purpose, mission and culture. Additionally, she expanded distribution, defined and elevated the status of the brand, and continues to provide oversight and strategic focus for the company’s future. She created a sustainable business model that enables Vitamix to nourish the zest for life by igniting the personal passion of each employee and customer. She continues to lead the organization, holding strong to the passion, integrity and family values on which the company was founded.

Dr. Berg received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (concentration in Hospitality Management) from Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH) and a Master of Business Administration (concentration in Service Management and Service Marketing) from Washington State University (Pullman, WA).

Dr. Berg’s research on purpose and employee engagement has been published, and in 2016 it earned her a Ph.D. in management from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

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Awards and Recognition

  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • NEO Business Hall of Fame
  • NorthCoast 99 - Best Places for Top Talent
  • Smart Business Smart Culture Award
  • Cleveland Magazine Community Leader
  • Crain's Cleveland Business Women of Note
  • Better Business Bureau Champion of Integrity Award
  • Most Liked CEO in Cleveland, Owler
  • Jerry Noyce Executive Health Champion Award
  • Smart Business Family Business Achievement Award
  • Crain's Cleveland Business 150 Names to Know in Northeat Ohio

Organizations and Leadership

  • Barnard Investment Company, Board Member (1989–1995), President (1995)
  • David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry
  • Cleveland Play House
  • Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • Team Northeast Ohio (Team NEO), Board Chair
  • Vita-Mix Corporation
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  • Vitamix Ownership Interest Council (VOICe)
  • Young Presidents Organization, Gold

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