Vitamix chefs have thought of everything—down to the sequence of ingredients to achieve the smoothest blends.

Add ingredients to the container in the order they appear in the recipe, or follow this general guideline below when creating your own. (A little hint: The two containers are loaded in opposite order. See the above visual for reference):

40-ounce Container Load Order:

  1. 汁液(水、果汁、酸奶)
  2. 干货(谷物、调味品、粉末)
  3. 绿叶蔬菜
  4. 水果和蔬菜
  5. 冰冻食材

20-ounce Container Load Order:

  1. 冰冻食材
  2. 水果和蔬菜
  3. 绿叶蔬菜
  4. 干货(谷物、调味品、粉末)
  5. 汁液(水、果汁、酸奶)


  • Cut ingredients into 1-inch pieces to help them flow freely through the blades.
  • We prefer cubed ice to crushed—its weight pushes everything into the blades.

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