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5 Healthy Delicious Smoothie Toppings to Always Have in Reach

09/02/2017 | 创作者: Christine Yu

Here are five healthy smoothie toppings to customize your frozen drink.

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如何制作出完美的 Smoothie

01/01/2017 | 创作者: Vitamix

遵照这些简单的提示,了解如何制作 smoothie。

标签: smoothie, nutrition

Why You Should Embrace Brown Fruit and Vegetables

06/06/2016 | 创作者: Christina Manian, RDN, LD

Here's why you should embrace brown fruit and vegetables.

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01/05/2016 | 创作者: Vitamix


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蔬菜 Smoothie

01/04/2016 | 创作者: Vitamix

从花园果蔬到本地农夫市场,为您的 smoothie 选择最佳的当季蔬菜。

标签: 番茄, sweet-potato, summer, smoothie, nutrition, green-smoothie, garden

如何冷冻单独一份 Smoothie

01/10/2015 | 创作者: Vitamix

冷冻单独一份 Smoothie,为快捷和健康的早餐做准备。

标签: smoothie, on-the-go, green-smoothie, food-storage, container, breakfast

Best Seasonal Uses for Pumpkin

01/09/2015 | 创作者: Vitamix

There's no single list of best seasonal uses for pumpkin — everybody's favorite will be different — but these are some surefire crowd-pleasers

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