In 1987, having mastered the real estate and cheeseburger markets, the world’s premier fast food chain was looking for a way to expand its frozen dessert menu. Not finding a suitable machine on the market, executives turned to Vitamix for its reputation of innovative, long-lasting household blenders.

工程師馬上著手設計 Vitamix 的首個商業用產品:Vitamix Mix’n Machine。Mix’n Machine 將 Vitamix 容易清潔的知名優質組件,以及操作簡單的直覺式控制合而為一,從此冰凍甜點的製作流程不再難以掌控,因此即便操作人員、服務商家和地點不盡相同,也能製造出品質一模一樣的成品。

The company now has a Vitamix machine in over 30,000 worldwide locations, and attributes an estimated $460 million of annual profit to frozen desserts. While other kitchen equipment has had to be replaced multiple times over the years, many of the original Vitamix machines are still in operation. More recently, the chain has utilized Vitamix technology to expand its frozen beverage menu with smoothies and frozen coffees.

世界各地數以萬計的快餐連鎖店都已採用 Mix’n Machine 和 Mix’n Machine® Advance®。既然國際連鎖龍頭都信賴 Vitamix 的品質和一致性,冷凍甜品程式又能為您的業務帶來什麼效益呢?