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如何製作完美的 Smoothie (冰沙)

01/01/2017 | 提供者: Vitamix

只需依照這些「如何製作 Smoothie (冰沙)」的簡單訣竅即可。

標籤: Smoothie (冰沙), nutrition

Golden Milk: Meet Your New Favorite Cold-Weather Drink

09/12/2016 | 提供者: Marygrace Taylor

This year, make golden milk your go-to cold-weather drink.

分類: 探索 標籤: spice, nutrition, beverage, healthy

Should You Be Eating Avocado Pit?

29/06/2016 | 提供者: Christina Manian, RDN, LD

It may be the latest trend, but is it safe to be eating avocado pit?

分類: Root to Stem 標籤: raw, nutrition, nutrient, flaxseed, fiber, beauty, avocado

Transforming Meals into Baby Food Purées

01/06/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Vitamix machines process hard-to-blend-textures, such as celery, chicken and asparagus, with ease, transforming meals into fresh baby food purées.

分類: 探索 標籤: sustainable, nutrition, leftovers, healthy, food-storage, filtration-bag, family, budget, baby, asparagus

蔬菜 Smoothie (冰沙)

01/04/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

從自家種植到本地農產品市集,選擇最好的當季蔬菜來製作 Smoothie (冰沙)。

標籤: 番茄, sweet-potato, summer, Smoothie (冰沙), nutrition, green-smoothie, garden

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