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如何製作完美的 Smoothie (冰沙)

01/01/2017 | 提供者: Vitamix

只需依照這些「如何製作 Smoothie (冰沙)」的簡單訣竅即可。

標籤: Smoothie (冰沙), nutrition

5 Frozen Fruit Desserts Perfect For a Hot Summer Day

01/06/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Cool off this summer with a homemade frozen treat made in your Vitamix blender.

分類: 探索 標籤: vegan, summer, sorbet, milkshake, kid-friendly, ice-cream, family, demonstration, dairy-free, almond

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Vs. Barbecuing

01/06/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

An understanding of the pros and cons of smoking vs. barbecuing will help you decide what's best to serve your guests.

分類: 探索 標籤: summer, smoking, poultry, pork, grilling, entertaining, chicken, barbecue

4 Tips for Making Homemade Chilled Soups

01/06/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Gain tips for preparing a refreshing, chilled soup that your guests will love!

分類: 探索 標籤: summer, 湯品, 西班牙冷湯, entertaining, 晚餐

Transforming Meals into Baby Food Purées

01/06/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Vitamix machines process hard-to-blend-textures, such as celery, chicken and asparagus, with ease, transforming meals into fresh baby food purées.

分類: 探索 標籤: sustainable, nutrition, leftovers, healthy, food-storage, filtration-bag, family, budget, baby, asparagus

Vegetables and Herbs: How to Buy, Prepare, Store and Cook

01/05/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Here are a few quick tips on how to buy, prepare, store and cook with fresh vegetables and herbs.

分類: Root to Stem 標籤: 番茄, summer, spinach, rosemary, produce, kale, herbs, 西班牙冷湯, food-storage, farmers-market, basil


01/05/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix


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5 Tips for Planting a Garden

01/05/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

The shorter the distance food travels from farm to table, the better it tastes.

分類: Root to Stem 標籤: 櫛瓜, 番茄, summer, mint, herbs, garden, farm-to-table, basil

冷凍 Smoothie (冰沙) 包的 10 份食譜

01/05/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

各種全營養食物組合的預先調理 Smoothie (冰沙) 包,讓繁忙生活輕鬆一下。

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蔬菜 Smoothie (冰沙)

01/04/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

從自家種植到本地農產品市集,選擇最好的當季蔬菜來製作 Smoothie (冰沙)。

標籤: 番茄, sweet-potato, summer, Smoothie (冰沙), nutrition, green-smoothie, garden

6 Tips for a Healthy Juice Cleanse

01/01/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

Learn why certain foods are commonly used in juice cleanses.

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Juicing vs. Blending: Everything You Need to Know

01/01/2016 | 提供者: Vitamix

If you're not sure about the merits of juicing vs. blending, here's everything you need to know.

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