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No-Bake Thanksgiving Desserts

01/11/2015 | 提供者: Vitamix

These no-bake Thanksgiving desserts are sure to delight you and your guests.

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Five Ways to Eat Healthy When Life is Busy

01/08/2015 | 提供者: Vitamix

No matter how rushed you feel between home, family and work life, it's vital to make nutritionally smart decisions to keep your body healthy and your mind active.

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Vitamix 機器中的生飲湯品

01/04/2015 | 提供者: Vitamix


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South American Cuisine

01/02/2015 | 提供者: Vitamix

Create authentic South American dishes with spicy sauces, fresh seafood, and a colourful array of indigenous fruits and vegetables.

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Five-Course Vegetarian Dinner

01/02/2015 | 提供者: Vitamix

Invite friends over for a Vitamix dinner party—all five courses are vegetarian and made in the Vitamix machine

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| 提供者: Vitamix


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| 提供者: Vitamix


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15 份活力果昔食譜

| 提供者: Vitamix


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6 Tips for a Healthy Juice Cleanse

| 提供者: Vitamix

Learn why certain foods are commonly used in juice cleanses.

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| 提供者: Vitamix


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What is Clean Eating and Why is it Important?

| 提供者: Vitamix

Clean eating isn’t a diet, but rather a style of eating that emphasizes the quality of the foods you eat, not how much you eat or when you eat. In fact, clean eating isn’t even a new concept. Long before the days of processed foods, pesticides, hormones and GMOs, people ate food directly from the source with minimal processing—that is outside of cooking.

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