A Vitamix can clean itself…literally. After blending a smoothie, soup or other delicious recipe, simply add some warm water, a drop of dish soap and let the high-powered motor do the rest. Some models, such as the Ascent series, even have a self-cleaning program that automates the process.

使用一陣子之後,您的 Vitamix 可能會出現一層薄膜,讓容杯看起來霧霧的,也讓您懷疑調理機是否沒清洗乾淨,而且時常無論怎麼用力刷洗也刷不掉這層衍生物。



First and foremost, regularly wash your Vitamix after every use and avoid letting residue sit in your Vitamix. This is the most effective way to delay the onset of the cloudy film. If it still does occur, here’s how to remove it.


  1. 將一杯白醋倒入容杯。
  2. 再倒入半滿溫水。
  3. 將容杯以直立的姿勢浸泡在白醋水中幾個小時,或靜置一夜。
  4. 將容杯內的水倒出,使用柔軟的菜瓜布清潔殘留物。