Nothing says “summer” like sipping a cold drink, surrounded by friends. While we can’t help with your guest list, we’ve got your summertime drinks menu covered. As the weather heats up, try cooling down—and impressing your family and friends—with one of these icy options. From healthy to indulgent, you’ll find the perfect summer drink for your next big party—or just a party of one.

  • Tired of your standard smoothie?
    Experiment with different flavors, from tropical to straight-from-the-garden.
  • Want a juicier option?
    Take your lemonade up a notch by adding some unexpected ingredients.
  • Ready to party?
    Whether you want a cocktail or mocktail, these flavors will be the hit of the night.
  • Need a pick-me-up?
    Our blended coffee and tea drinks are a cool way to get your daily caffeine fix.



Cocktails & Mocktails

Coffee & Tea