Chefs from around the world trust Vitamix Commercial machines to stand up to their tough kitchen environments and create dishes they can be proud to serve. Hear from a few of them firsthand on why they feel Vitamix makes the best blenders.

Suzanne Cupps, Untitled

As Chef de Cuisine at Untitled restaurant at the Whitney Museum in New York City, Cupps uses Vitamix blenders to make fruit purees, salsa verde, chicken liver mousse, and clam chowder. “We’re big fans of Vitamix at Untitled! The kitchen really depends on having at least three or four of them,” she says. “They’re such a quick and efficient way to make sauces, soups and vinaigrettes. And the power of the machines allows you to puree vegetables in a few seconds. So if you’re making a green puree, the color stays vibrant.”

Rocco Whalen, Fahrenheit

“Every day it’s a pressure cooker in the kitchen to be open by 5:00,” says Chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit in Cleveland, OH and Charlotte, NC. That’s why a tool that helps him make everything from purees to margaritas more efficiently is key. “I equip all my restaurants with as many Vitamix machines as possible,” says Whalen. “You can’t make the very best products if you don’t have the right equipment to take you there.”

Naomi Pomeroy, Beast

In her new book Taste and Technique, Pomeroy – the chef-owner of Beast in Portland, Oregon and a Top Chef Masters contestant – stresses the importance of a quality blender in every kitchen. “And although I've tried other brands of ‘high powered’ blenders, nothing compares to a Vitamix,” says Pomeroy. “Vitamix blenders produce an incredibly smooth product and velvety texture. Plus, they eliminate the need for straining and other steps that waste time and energy in a kitchen.” At Beast, Pomeroy uses a Vitamix machine for all her purées, including a wintertime parsnip puree that she serves with lacquered duck confit. “We also make a bright green herb oil by allowing the machine to work at high speeds to extract as much color as possible. With other brands of blenders, the motor couldn't handle that. But the Vitamix seems to thrive on all the work we put it through.”

Andrew Volk, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club

For Volk, mixologist and owner of Portland Hunt + Alpine Club in Portland, Maine, the speed and reliability of Vitamix machines is what makes them so essential. “When you’re looking at equipment to put in the hands of your staff, you want something that you know is going to be reliable. When we use a blender, we want it to evenly chop everything, every single time. The Vitamix is an absolutely durable tool, and it’s something we know is going to be our workhorse. It’s going to do its job well, and quickly.” When a tool works that well, it frees Volk up to do what he does best: make delicious, creative craft cocktails. “One great thing about the Vitamix [machine] is that you can quickly try something. If you have some extra berries sitting around, extra herbs…you have something you might not have thought of using. It absolutely gives you that creative control.”

Anna Henrie Henricks, Sweetheart Bakery

For a pastry chef like Anna Henrie Henricks of Sweetheart Bakery in Portland, Oregon, the importance of achieving the right texture in cakes, cookies, and other baked goods can’t be overstated. That’s why the Vitamix blender is one of the most important tools in her kitchen: “I couldn’t make my savory cheesecake in any other machine,” says Henricks. “It’s like velvet when it comes out, and it’s perfect every time!”