Why not celebrate the season with fall DIY crafts for the whole family? Whether you're making festive votive holders or carving jack-o'-lanterns, you'll get to spend quality time together while also making fun, fall-themed, personal decor. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Jack-O'-Lanterns

    Is there anything more quintessentially fall than carved pumpkins on the porch? Pick up some pumpkins and set aside a few hours to carve them. You'll need a work surface you don't mind getting dirty such as a driveway or layer of newspapers on the floor. You'll also need knives, spoons, and markers if you want to draw out your plan before you start carving. Adults should carve circles around each stem and lift them out. Then everyone can use large spoons to scoop out the pumpkin guts. Draw any design you want onto your pumpkins—whether you want a face, animal, or simple shape. Have an adult cut into those designs and you'll be ready to go. Stick a candle inside the pumpkin and let the light shine through your homemade jack-o'-lantern.

  2. Dryer Vent Pumpkins

    You can turn dryer vent hoses into homemade pumpkins with a little glue, paint, and creativity. Adults can use a hot glue gun to attach the two ends of the vent hose to one another. Then anyone can spray-paint the creation with autumn colors—orange, white, or green. Insert a small twig or cinnamon stick into the center to create a stem. These fun, little pumpkins make wonderful holiday table toppers or home decor.

  3. Festive Votive Holders

    All you need are clean mason jars, Mod Podge, fall leaves (real or artificial), and a sponge brush to make your own festive fall votive holders. Adhere leaves to the jars one at a time by brushing Mod Podge onto them and then letting them dry. Be sure to apply the leaves in layers and in a pattern of your choice. The project may take a few hours to dry completely, but once it does, you can insert candles inside each holder and let them glow.

  4. Leaf Rubbings

    Spend a fall morning collecting colorful leaves with your kids. When you're back at home, put those leaves between two pieces of paper and rub over the top piece with a crayon. As you rub, leaf patterns will start to emerge. When you're done, frame the rubbings or hang them on the fridge.

  5. Decorated Leaves

    Another fun idea is to press leaves and then decorate them with designs using metallic markers. Leave them inside a book or multiple books for about 10 days, and then make them sparkle by creating your own unique design. Finally, seal them with Mod Podge to make sure they last.

  6. Glittery Leaf Garland

    For this fall project, you'll need a bag of artificial leaves, glue, glitter, a hole punch, and a ribbon long enough to hang as garland across your fireplace mantel (or wherever you want). To minimize cleanup afterward, you may want to craft outside. Squeeze glue onto each leaf, top each with glitter, and then shake off the excess. Once the glue has dried, punch a hole in each leaf and tie them to your ribbon.

  7. Q-Tip Tree Art

    Sketch a stump onto a piece of paper, and then grab some paint and Q-tips to create custom artwork with an autumn theme. Simply by dipping Q-tips in paint, you and your kids can create identical dots in different colors all over the page. Stay within a large circle shape and you'll be able to mimic the look of a colorful fall tree.

  8. Paper Bag Owl Puppets

    You can turn brown paper bags into puppets that look like owls by cutting construction paper to make a nose, belly, and feet. Use fall leaves as arms, and draw owl eyes to complete the effect.

When it comes to fall DIY crafts that you can make at home, these eight ideas are a great place to start. Follow these simple directions and have fun spending time getting creative as a family.