Invite friends over for a Vitamix dinner party—all five courses are vegetarian recipes and made in the Vitamix machine, leaving you more time to enjoy your guests.

  • Cocktails:

    For cocktails, start with the Peachy Lime Daiquiri, a sweet and tangy mix that refreshes the palette.

  • Appetizer:

    Bring everyone together with bubbling Spinach and Artichoke Dip with toasted pitas or multicolored tortilla chips as dippers.

  • Salad:

    Choose fresh baby greens for a simple salad dressed with a Basic Vinaigrette.

  • Main Entree:

    For the entrée, use the Vitamix blender to create a bright Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo to serve over freshly made pasta.

  • Dessert:

    Finally, round out the meal with a light Orange Sorbet for a fruity finish.

The best part about Vitamix dinner parties is that clean-up takes seconds. Between each course, just wash your container by filling it halfway with warm water and two drops of dish soap. Secure the lid, and run for 30 to 60 seconds.