All great hosts have at least one thing in common. Besides making everyone feel right at home, they tend to rely on a few basic staples for every soiree, to help keep things as simple as possible. Everyone’s party toolkit is a little different. It could be a set of fail-proof recipes that are always a hit, a systematic way of setting up buffet and drink tables, or a trusted appliance that makes food prep quick and easy. We have that last one covered. Here are some of the reasons Vitamix makes the best blenders for entertaining—and helps you get back to the party.

All-in-One Versatility

Perhaps the most overwhelming part of entertaining is the wide variety of food there is to prepare. From cocktails to appetizers, then main courses, side dishes and desserts, a Vitamix blender can help with it all. Having several blending containers also makes it easier to move from one course to the next, without worrying about clean-up in between. Dedicate a container for cocktails, and another to replenish dips as needed.  A small 20-ounce cup can blend your salad dressing, and remain on the table for serving as well. The more things you can make in your blender, the less juggling you’ll have to do in the oven.  

Automated Programs

What could be better than a blender that makes lots of different things? A blender that makes lots of different things, almost by itself. Vitamix offers several blenders with program settings, so you can just load the container, press a button, and walk away. These programs are serious lifesavers on party day—like another set of hands in the kitchen to help you multi-task like a pro. The program selections vary by model, but can include Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips + Spreads, and Frozen Desserts. The latest Ascent™ Series blenders also have programmable timers that you can set to turn the blender off after a certain amount of time. So even if your dish doesn’t fall into one of the four standard recipe programs, you always have a back-up.

Large Batches

Making food for any number of people above your normal routine can be daunting. The key is making recipes that can easily be doubled and tripled to accommodate your guest list. With a 64-ounce true blending capacity on its full-size blenders, plus the power to back it up, Vitamix machines can feed your army. No matter how large the batch, the patented shape of the Vitamix container keeps ingredients rotating to achieve a smooth, even blend. And the tamper prevents you from having to stop and scrape the sides of the container. So don’t be shy—the more, the merrier.

The more parties you throw, the more you fall into your own rhythm and style of entertaining. Whatever your style, we think a Vitamix blender makes any celebration easier. And a stress-free host or hostess is the main ingredient for every great party.