An inside look at what sets Vitamix blenders apart.

Among people who like to cook, or are interested in chef-quality kitchen gadgets and appliances, Vitamix blenders have a reputation for being the best. And year after year, that reputation is reinforced by independent testers like Wirecutter, America's Test Kitchen, Epicurious, and others

But what is it that sets Vitamix blenders apart? It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer – in reality, Vitamix blenders are the result of thousands of engineering and design choices that come together to make a product that consistently outperforms the competition.

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Why do Vitamix blenders keep performing after years of daily use, while other blenders, even ones marketed as “high-performance,” tend to break in a fraction of the time? It starts with an engineering team that has decades of experience building high-performance blenders. Those engineers are extremely selective when it comes to materials and components, and are always looking for ways to improve the lifespan and performance of a Vitamix blender.

To ensure we have a well-built product, Vitamix blenders undergo extensive testing leveraging the 130+ test procedures in our catalogue to assess every component for quality and durability. Here are just a couple of the tests we perform:

Cycle testing:We conduct a variety of cycle testing: one example is automated, where the blender runs continuously with water in the container until it stops working, another is human operated, and is meant to simulate real-world use. We record and analyze the lifespan data to ensure it meets our rigorous reliability standards.

For example, our data shows that when comparing a full-size Vitamix blender against a popular, $150 high-performance blender, the Vitamix blender will last nearly 14 times longer. That means you’d have to  spend more than $2,000 on competitor blenders to get the same lifespan of one Vitamix.

Pine block test: To make sure a Vitamix can blend any ingredient you might reach for, we test it with something you’ve probably never added to your smoothie: wooden blocks. Why wood? It’s a simple test that we’ve found is actually very effective – pine is harder than most typical ingredient in your pantry or freezer, so it really puts the blender to the test. A Vitamix blender can reduce wooden blocks into saw dust in under a minute, and still make a smoothie afterward.

We’re confident in the quality and durability of Vitamix blenders, which is why we offer some of the longest product warranties among blender manufacturers: up to 10 years. But even with a warranty that long, less than 2 percent of Vitamix blenders are returned for repair. It really is the best warranty you’ll probably never need.

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Power and performance

So Vitamix blenders last a long time – but that doesn’t explain how they blend so well. Most third-party product reviewers are testing for blend quality, not longevity, and Vitamix still comes out on top. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Container design: The shape of a Vitamix container is engineered to pull ingredients through the path of the blades, and that steady flow is what makes the blends so uniform in texture – it’s also what creates the iconic vortex shape.
  • Blades: Our blades are made to our exact specifications from hardened stainless steel. And this may be surprising, but Vitamix blade edges are blunt, not sharp – and that’s by design. Not only are blunt blades safer when scooping nut butter out of the container, but we actually rely on the power of the motor and the speed of the blades to pulverize ingredients rather than slice them.
  • Motor: We use powerful motors with speeds up to 20,000 RPM and high starting torque that allows the blender to muscle through tough or thick ingredients. We know they can be loud, but that’s the sound of whole-food ingredients being transformed into something delicious.
  • Full-container blending: We encourage Vitamix owners to take advantage of the up to 64-ounce capacity of our blenders – they’re made to handle a full container of ingredients, which is great if you’re cooking for a crowd or meal prepping.
Spatula mixing in the bowl


It’s true that with a Vitamix blender you can make a smoothie at home that’s as good as any you’ll buy in a high-end smoothie shop (there’s an excellent chance the fancy smoothie was made in a Vitamix, too) – but smoothies are just the beginning. Vitamix blenders are designed to break down any ingredient – fibrous greens, frozen-solid strawberries, almonds, and more – into textures ranging from course to perfectly smooth. That makes a Vitamix blender incredibly versatile.

These are just a few of the reasons Vitamix blenders consistently outperform other blenders – and how Vitamix has created some of best blenders available to the home cook. To learn more about what sets Vitamix blenders apart, visit our Why Vitamix page.