We all love a good smoothie, right? They’re perfect for a healthy meal or snack that both kids and adults will love! But when we’re tired or are in a hurry, we’re not always up for blending a fresh smoothie.

The nice thing about making large-batch smoothies is that you end up with leftover smoothies available right when you want them. As an added bonus, it eliminates the “but I want something now” excuse that might cause you to choose the convenience of junk food over a healthy option.

Going Big

The recipes for our 64-ounce containers already create big batches, but if you’re using a different container size, most recipes can easily be adjusted to blend larger batches. Simply fill your container to the top with ingredients, and once it starts blending down, add extra ingredients through the lid plug while the blades are still going.

Remember that because your Vitamix can easily blend whole fruits and veggies, you don’t need to cut your ingredients into small pieces. Not only is there less prep, but it’s faster too—you can go from whole foods to fully-blended smoothies in seconds!

Savor Some, Save the Rest

Once you’ve made your large-batch smoothie, pour it into sealed jars or our flip-top orshaker bottles. A typical smoothie size is 12-16 ounces, although depending on your diet and your reasons for having a smoothie, you may want more (or less) at a time.

Your smoothies should last one to two days—just shake them right before you drink them, and you’re good to go! Keep in mind that smoothies made with ice separate more easily than those with frozen fruit because the fiber binds the liquid better.

Another fun grab-and-go option is to turn your large batches into popsicles. Since they’re frozen, they’ll last even longer, and they make the perfect treat, especially on a hot summer day.

A Range of Recipes

Smoothies come in a variety of flavors and textures, so have fun experimenting to see which you prefer. Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

  • Triple Berry Smoothie is a thick, fruity, yogurt-based option that uses either dairy or non-dairy yogurt.
  • Hint of Mint Smoothie is a bit lighter. It uses coconut water for the main liquid and has a mix of fruit, spinach, and, of course, mint.
  • Citrus Carrot Juice is a refreshing whole-food drink that feels like juice but still has all the fiber and nutrients of a smoothie.

No matter your smoothie preferences, making them in large batches is a great way to save time and ensure you always have a convenient, tasty, healthy food option ready to go.