While my interests and style may change over time, there is one thing about me that remains constant: I am a minimalist at heart. It can be easy to get swept up in new trends and products that seem to pop up in your feed every day, but I’ve learned that a ‘less is more’ approach makes me happiest.

With that mindset, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the things in my life that have served me well. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen it’s where I develop my recipes, nourish my body and have one-person dance parties. It’s also where people tend to gather and mingle when I’m hosting a dinner party or having a friend over to chat over wine. It’s the heart of the house, my office, and by far my favorite room. It’s also not the biggest room you’ve ever seen, which is another reason why I don’t own a lot of single-purpose kitchen gadgets. All I need are a few key staples to work and play with, and one of those must-haves is my Vitamix A3500 blender. My Vitamix has a really special place in my heart. It was a wedding gift from my grandmother when I married my husband 6 years ago, and it is what I used to start making my ombré smoothies that went viral on Instagram and helped lead to so many amazing opportunities for Wu Haus.

Today, I am still so in love with Vitamix and use it every day, finding new ways to use it beyond smoothies. In the mornings, I use my Vitamix to create an extra creamy, frothy matcha latte. I also use it regularly to create salad dressings in the spring and summer, blended soups in the fall and winter, and desserts year-round. It’s also what I use to create adaptogenic drinks and herbal potions like my dream tonic and moon milk, and even to create my own nut milk.

What I’ve been having the most fun with my Vitamix recently is outside of the culinary realm, incorporating it into several facets of my total-body wellness routine. I currently love using my Vitamix to create a simple avocado hair mask that helps repair damaged hair and leaves it moisturized and rejuvenated. The natural oils in avocado help hydrate your hair, and its amino acids help lock that moisture in. By using a Vitamix to blend it into a hair mask, you're able to remove any clumps and create a rich, creamy texture that will allow your hair to soak in all its benefits. You can mix it with other hydrating ingredients and apply to dry hair, as wet hair will repel the oils and minimize its effectiveness. Just remember to let anyone in the house know if you’re using your Vitamix to create something not meant to be eaten, otherwise, an unsuspecting taste-tester may get a surprise!

My Vitamix is such a vital part of my daily wellness routine, and I love finding new ways to use it. If you have one, my suggestion is to think outside the box and experiment trying new things. There’s no wrong way to use it, and it might help you discover a new favorite self-care regimen – or even career! ;)

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