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In just minutes, we'll help you find the perfect blender. Just answer a few questions, sit back and meet your new favorite machine.


Get Ready to Meet Your Match

If you’ve decided to buy a Vitamix® blender, but aren’t sure which model to choose, try the Blender Recommender. It’s designed to guide you through the different categories, features, and options – just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll suggest a blender that matches your preferences.


Find a Perfect Fit

Limited counter space? Low cabinets? Use the Blender Recommender to find a machine that fits your kitchen without sacrificing blend quality, plus choose from flexible payment options.

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You’re Just Two Minutes Away

From finding the blender you’ve been looking for.

Vitamix Makes…Just About Everything.

It’s true, the best smoothie you’ve ever had was probably made in a Vitamix blender, but smoothies are just the beginning. You can also make hot soup (no stove required), nut butter, baby food, sorbet and much, much more. From fibrous raw veggies to frozen-solid fruit, Vitamix blenders are designed to pulverize the toughest ingredients into perfect purées.


Blenders Designed with You in Mind

Whether you prefer sleek touch-screen buttons, classic dials and switches, convenient blending programs, or complete manual control, you’ll find a blender that works the way you do.