Vitamix® Introduces New Accessories for Immersion Blender and Food Processor Attachment

Powerhouse Accessories Expand the Capabilities of These Two Kitchen Staples 02.08.2022

CLEVELAND, Sept. 14, 2021 -- Following the success of the Food Processor Attachment and Immersion Blender launch in 2020, Vitamix® is proud to introduce a new line of accessories to accompany each product. These accessories expand the products' applications and provide more ways for home chefs to embrace whole-food cooking.

Priced from $19.95 to $49.95 USD, the 10 new accessories use Vitamix power and precision to save users time and enhance their culinary skills. Vegetables can be chopped, finely sliced, cut and julienned in seconds. Other foods can be whisked and blended with ultimate power. The accessory line also offers sleek storage options to keep kitchen cabinets tidy and simplify on-the-go cooking. 

The new line of Immersion Blender and Food Processor Attachment (FPA) accessories includes:

  • Immersion Blender Whisk – Gives ultimate control to powerfully whisk, allowing you to effortlessly whip aquafaba, batters, meringues, eggs, cream and more in minutes.
  • Immersion Blender Storage Case – Keeps the Immersion Blender neatly organized in kitchen cabinets or for cooking away from home.
  • Immersion Blending Jar – Efficiently moves ingredients through the blades of a uniquely shaped 32-ounce jar for consistent, high-quality blends.
  • Immersion Blender Mini-Chopper – Easily chops or purées up to three cups at a time. The cup (lid included) doubles as a convenient storage container.
  • Immersion Station™ – Holds the Immersion Blender in one place in a simple, convenient countertop display to keep the blender secure and handy. The Mini-Chopper and Blending Jar can be used with the station.
  • Food Processor Compact Lid – Functions just like the standard lid, but doesn't have a chute or food pushers, making the Food Processor Attachment (FPA) easier to store under cabinets.
  • FPA Reversible Fine-Shred and Ultra-Thin Slice Disc – Slices and shreds ingredients finer and thinner than the standard discs included with the Food Processor Attachment.
  • FPA Julienne Disc – Enables usersto insert ingredients horizontally to achieve long, thin julienne cuts from carrots, zucchini, beets and more.
  • FPA Veggie Stick Disc – Creates perfectly shaped veggie sticks in seconds. Cooks can make their own baked French fries out of potatoes, sweet potatoes or other root veggies.
  • FPA Stack and Store™ Disc Case – Expands disc storage from two to five discs for complete modular stacking of all pieces.

"The new Immersion Blender and Food Processor Attachment accessories give home chefs more convenience and efficiency in the kitchen, and increase their versatility to create nutritious foods," said Steve Laserson, Chief Commercial Officer at Vitamix. "Customers can also feel confident the accessories will achieve Vitamix-quality results for a wide variety of simple or advanced culinary applications."

These accessories are available for purchase today at, except the Immersion Blender Mini-Chopper, which will be available for purchase late 2021.

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The Vitamix family of companies, privately held and family-owned and -operated since 1921, is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, with a tribute to healthy, whole-food eating. Millions of people around the world employ Vitamix machines as a means of preparing nutritious foods in their home kitchens. The company also manufactures high-performance blenders and accessories for commercial kitchens. The company's commercial customer list reads like a "Who's Who" of major restaurant chains, and gourmet chefs say their Vitamix machines are as important to them as their knives. The company developed the first true commercial blender in the early 1990s, which ignited the smoothie movement, and has been named the Best in Class Overall beverage blender for nine consecutive years by readers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine. Vitamix continues to win awards for its products, culture, and user experience, and is found in more than 130 countries. The company is headquartered in Olmsted Township, Ohio, near Cleveland. For more information, please visit

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