Watermelon Frozen Seltzer Slushy

A refreshing take on a summer favorite, enjoy this fresh watermelon beverage with just two ingredients.



  • 1 cup (140 g) frozen strawberries
  • 12 fluid ounces (360 ml) watermelon alcoholic seltzer


  1. Place all ingredients into the Immersion Blending Jar in the order listed.
  2. Submerge the immersion blender below the surface of the liquid, or as close to the ingredients as possible.
  3. Start the blender on its lowest speed, then slowly increase to its highest speed. Move the immersion blender around, including up and down, to blend the ingredients for approximately 30 seconds or until desired consistency is achieved.

Chef's Notes

  • The 32-ounce Immersion Blending Jar is specifically designed for the maximum flow of ingredients while minimizing the amount of splash normally associated with immersion blenders.
  • We suggest using the 32-ounce Immersion Blending Jar whenever the recipe allows. It works especially well on smoothies, shakes, and other liquid-style recipes when combined with the power of the Vitamix Immersion Blender.