If you're hosting a Halloween party this season, use it as a chance to remind your guests that food can be fun. By putting a spooky twist on healthy favorites, they can take on a whole new life. So whether you're hosting a kid-friendly or an adults-only Halloween party, here are some great ideas for seasonal, healthy Halloween treats that everyone will love.

  1. Banana Ghosts

    Cut peeled bananas in half and stand them on their flat ends. Then use miniature chocolate chips to make eyes and regular chocolate chips to make mouths, and you'll have banana ghosts for your party.

  2. Spiders on a Celery Log

    You've heard of ants on a log, so why not kick that classic up a notch by putting miniature plastic spiders on top of your nut-butter-linked celery sticks? Or, for spiders you can eat, try chopping up black olives into pieces that you use to form spider bodies and legs.

  3. Clementine Pumpkins

    Peel clementines and stick a short, skinny piece of celery into the center of each. With their orange bodies and green stems, these healthy Halloween treats look just like little pumpkins.

  4. Vegetable Skeletons

    Give your raw veggie tray the wow factor with this Halloween-themed serving idea. Using a ramekin of hummus or veggie dip as the head, a wide strip or rounds of cucumber as a spine, carrot sticks or pepper slices as ribs, and celery sticks as legs, build a skeleton of raw vegetables.

  5. Apple Monster Mouths

    All you need are sliced apples, your favorite nut butter, and some shelled peanuts to create jaw-dropping monster mouths that catch everyone's eyes. Layer an apple slice with nut butter and place another apple slice on top, pressing gently until both slices meet. Place peanuts strategically across the open center of nut butter to mimic the look of teeth.

  6. Halloween Pizza

    You can give a ghoulish twist to homemade pizza by cutting the mozzarella into ghost shapes and using chopped black olives for ghost eyes. You can also use the cheese to build an intricate spider web and the olives to create spiders throughout the web.

  7. Frankenstein Chips and Guacamole

    Instead of serving chips and guacamole in traditional bowls, give this snack a Halloween makeover. On half a large platter, spread the guacamole out into a square shape for Frankenstein's head. Then use tortilla chips to mimic his hair, and dollops of sour cream and black olives to make his eyes. Pretzel sticks can even be used to form angry eyebrows and a mouth.

  8. Pretzel Brooms

    Slice string cheese in half horizontally, and then make vertical cuts from the bottom up to the middle of the cheese to create the tip of your broom. Push pretzel sticks into the unsliced top, and you'll have pretzel cheese brooms straight from a witch's lair.

  9. Creepy Mozzarella Fingers

    Turn simple cheese sticks into creepy snacks by cutting them in half horizontally. Then carefully slice lines into each half to mimic the look of knuckles. Place a small piece of red pepper at the top to create a fingernail.

  10. Spider Crackers

    Create a spider body by sandwiching two round crackers with nut butter. Then stick three or four small pretzel sticks on either side to mimic the look of a spider legs. For a finishing touch, lay two small raisins on the top of each spider body for eyes.

At this year's Halloween party, make the snacks unforgettable by offering these cleverly creative, healthy Halloween treats. With a little planning, you can create fun, nutritious snacks that everyone will love.