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An Investment with Real Returns

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Invest In Yourself

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and a healthier, whole-food lifestyle, then make it real. There’s only one blender that lasts this long, works this well, and creates food this good - and this good for you.

Everything else is just an imitation.
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Vitamix 100 years
Industry-Defining Innovation
So Much More Than a Blender
With more than 865 patents granted - Vitamix continues to push the high-performance blending category forward. Are you ready to make the investment in high-performance blending?
Easy to Use

The Control You Need

Use the Variable Speed Control to adjust the blade speed and the texture of every blend, from smooth purées to chunky salsas. The Pulse feature gives you a quick burst of power to chop ingredients or refresh drinks.
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Programs are available on select models.

Automated Blending

Programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for a variety of recipes.

Create Every Texture

Variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups.

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Blending and Beyond

Simplify The Way You Prepare Whole-Foods

With a standard Vitamix machine you have the ability to perform the same tasks as 11 household kitchen tools.

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Vitamix Is the Smart Choice


Vitamix high-performance blenders offer superior power and convenience, helping you transform hours of work in the kitchen into a few minutes of joyful creation.


Simplify kitchen tasks to prepare treasured family recipes quickly and easily, while still adding your own unique touch to every dish.

Make Life Simple


Our powerful motors blend a variety of ingredients with ease to create vibrant flavors and perfect textures, from chunky sauces to smooth beverages.

Taste The Difference


Every Vitamix blender is able to perform more than 10 different culinary techniques, replacing multiple kitchen appliances.

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Vitamix blenders are built to last for years to come, and include 7-year warranties to give you the best value for your money.

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