Cooking healthy meals for kids doesn't have to be a headache. Instead of making separate dishes for the adults and the little ones, why not plan kid-friendly meals that everyone will love? By making nutritious two-for-one dishes, you can save yourself time while also feeding your entire family healthy food. To get started, here are some foolproof ideas to try:

  1. Breakfast Smoothies

    If you already have a smoothie for breakfast every morning, why not make a blend you can share with your kids? To appeal to the child who loves purple, for example, whip up a big banana blueberry orange smoothie for everybody. To make a breakfast smoothie feel special, try putting a fresh slice of pineapple onto the edge of a summer fruit smoothie. Not only will a smoothie be a delicious addition to your morning routine, but you can also get your kids hooked on healthy treats while you're at it. You can even let your little ones get involved in choosing the ingredients you use for your breakfast smoothie.

  2. Personalized Pizzas

    If there's one meal that both kids and adults get excited about, it's pizza. Whip up your own pizza crust to make personalized pizzas for each member of the family. When kids get a say in what goes on their pizza, dinner is instantly more fun. If you have a family member who is sensitive to gluten, or if you're just looking for a healthier recipe, try making a cauliflower pizza crust. Not only will you be adding more vegetables to your dinner, but you'll also be able to enjoy an old favorite with a fresh twist.

  3. Simple Soup

    Are you craving curry, but know your kids won't like the spice? Try a simple carrot soup. For the adults, you can try a curried carrot blend. For the kids, leave out the curry and flavor their batch with cinnamon and a little maple syrup instead.

  4. A Veggie-Loaded Favorite

    Take an age-old kids' meal like macaroni and cheese or spaghetti, and remake it with more vegetables. Try cauliflower macaroni and cheese, for example, or some homemade spinach pasta. Kids will see a familiar dish, and adults will enjoy a refined version of a classic treat.

  5. Pasta Two Ways

    Blend up a simple, basic tomato sauce or a pomodoro sauce, and use it to cover traditional noodles for the kids and spiralized zucchini for the adults. After all, who doesn't love a delicious bowl of noodles that's covered with a fresh batch of homemade sauce?

When it comes to healthy meals for kids, a little strategy goes a long way. Make one dinner that can be personalized in several ways, and look for opportunities to create one meal that satisfies multiple palates. By picking options that can please several members of your household, you'll be able to find new ways to incorporate healthy food into your family's diet.