Have you fallen into a rut? Do you feel like you need help getting motivated? When you have your sights set on a big goal, you may feel overwhelmed by the steps you need to take in order to achieve it or by the enormity of the project. If it feels like you have too far to go, you might lose motivation and feel like you want to quit because your goals feel unattainable.

Get re-energized and find your motivation again with these five helpful steps:

  1. Focus on the Benefits

    If you've lost motivation, you've likely lost your sense of what you hope to gain or how this goal will make you happier. Make a list of the top benefits of working toward your goal and write them down on colorful sticky notes. These will remind you of what you're most looking forward to and can help you focus on those positive feelings. Hang these notes in places where you'll see them regularly, such as on your bathroom mirror, your bedside table, or your car dashboard.

  2. Assign an Accountability Buddy

    If you know someone else who's also working toward the same goal, ask them to be your accountability buddy so you can both encourage each other to keep going. If you're on a solo venture, you may try to find a blogger who is sharing their experiences on a similar journey, and remember that you can still ask a friend or spouse to hold you accountable. You can return the favor by supporting them in their own goals by regularly checking in. Everyone needs to feel supported to stay focused and energized.

  3. Start Small and Repeat

    Commit to taking one small step toward your goal today. For example, if you want to tone your body, sign up for a new exercise class by scheduling it online and paying for it in advance. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by how hard you'll have to work over the next days, weeks, or months to hit your goal, focus on the very next workout and commit to getting through that one hour.

  4. Revisit Your To-Do List

    Sit down and write out your to-do list. Take a hard look at it and cross off anything that isn't truly necessary, doesn't matter, or hurts your motivation. Having a shorter, more manageable list can help you feel organized, and you're more likely to get started now instead of later.

  5. Create a Motivating Mantra

    Think about what has helped you get motivated in the past and why you got started in the first place. Come up with one sentence or phrase, make it your personal mantra, and don't forget to write it down. A few examples are, "I conquer my fears by taking action," "Get comfortable being uncomfortable," or "I have the courage to follow my heart and intuition." When you notice that you've hit a negative or lazy slump in your day, immediately respond to that feeling by repeating your mantra to yourself. You can also get up and move or stretch while you say the mantra and breathe deeply. Getting your oxygen and blood flowing will help bring energy and positivity into your life to get you out of your slump and back into action.

    If you feel like you're in a rut, don't fret. These tips can help you spring back and move toward your most important life goals. Start slow, be patient, think positively, and you'll be well on your way toward getting motivated and making progress.