Spinach has it all. Packed with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, A, K, and B6, it’s also an excellent source of iron and fiber, and extremely low in calories. Raw spinach maintains more nutritional benefits than cooked spinach, and there are many ways to enjoy it—in salads (by itself or mixed with other leafy greens), in soups, and in beverages.

Even if spinach isn’t your favorite green, you can easily incorporate it into your diet with delicious smoothies made in your Vitamix blender. A serving of spinach is about a handful, and when you add fruit such as banana, grapes, apples, and pineapple, all you taste is the medley of fruits—a great way for kids to make friends with this dark green vegetable, too.

Try these recipes for 5 ways to love fresh spinach from vinaigrettes, to healthy cocktails:

  1. Strawberry Vinaigrette: Bright, fresh, and oil-free, it’s the perfect dressing for spinach salad.
  2. Spinach and Vegetable Soup: An abundance of vegetables is puréed into a hot soup and finished with chickpeas for added texture.
  3. Spinach Cocktail: A surprisingly sweet spring tonic you’ll want to drink year round.
  4. Spinach and Artichoke Dip: Create your favorite restaurant appetizer at home. This warm, creamy blend of chopped spinach, artichokes, and Parmesan is a hearty dip for tortilla chips or bread cubes.
  5. Green Apple Ice Cream: With the versatility of spinach, you can even hide it in your dessert for a healthy treat with a beautiful, green color.