Pumpkin comforts us with its sweet and savory flavor in soups, sauces, and sides. It can be much more than the jack-o-lantern on the porch, or the pie on the holiday table—use these delicious recipes to explore the full potential of pumpkin and feature it on your menu as a soup, a smoothie, a bread, a latté, or a frozen dessert.

Pumpkin Recipes for Entertaining:

  1. Pumpkin Soup: The warm sweetness of paprika and nutmeg combine with the savory seasonings of onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper to create this decadent, full-bodied purée.
  2. Pumpkin Walnut Spread: Puréed pumpkin and walnuts balance a hint of spice in this creamy spread. Serve on fresh slices of homemade bread for breakfast or brunch.

Enjoy these easy pumpkin recipes with a bit more decadence to add some variety to your dessert course this season.

Dessert Recipes with Pumpkin:

  1. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: With pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, and pumpkin pie spice, this smoothie tastes like the real thing! Top with whipped cream and a dust of cinnamon for a festive presentation.
  2. Pumpkin Muffins: Pumpkin adds moisture and rich flavor, complemented by the warming aromas of allspice and cinnamon.
  3. Pumpkin Latté: This creamy, full-flavored indulgence filled with pumpkin, white chocolate chips, and spices is a luxurious dessert when entertaining a crowd or enjoying a quiet evening for two. Top with whipped cream and a dusting of nutmeg.
  4. Fall Freeze: A rich frozen treat with flecks of pumpkin pie spice, hints of brown sugar, and light cream cheese is a perfect finale to any autumn meal.
  5. Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie: Enjoy this healthier alternative to the holiday favorite, and top with Guilt-Free Whipped Topping as a finishing touch.

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