The best natural mood-boosters are simple, inexpensive and easy to incorporate into even the busiest lifestyle.

Maintain a Diet Rich in Vitamin B and Omega 3

Increasing your intake of B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids can help boost your mood. B vitamins are found in many fruits, like bananas, grapefruit and peaches, green vegetables and grains, while essential fatty acids can be found in fish and certain oils, such as olive oil. Following a meal plan, like the Mediterranean diet, provides you with plenty of vitamin B along with essential fatty acids. Use your Vitamix machine to prepare healthy soups and pesto that are rich in fatty acids.

Stick with whole-grain cereals, brown rice, barley and whole wheat, and try some of the more exotic ones such as quinoa.

It's also important to avoid the blood sugar highs and lows that can contribute to mood swings. Instead of reaching for a cookie or candy, have an apple and healthy, homemade nut butter. Making nut butters yourself helps you control the amount of salt and added sugar. It also allows you to experiment with flavors, such as mixing peanuts and cashews.

Work Out

One of the most effective natural ways to elevate your mood is through exercise. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Medicine showed that exercise can ease mild depression and can even help people who are severely depressed. Support your body for exercise by feeding it the highest quality nutrients that you can. A high-protein smoothie offers quick and delicious nutrition to fuel your workout or to help you recover post-workout.