Make a childhood favorite into an adult indulgence. You get the creamy goodness of milk and ice cream with a decidedly grown-up spin when you whip up a boozy milkshake for the menu. Serve for dessert, as an accompaniment to burgers, or as a stand-alone treat for customers.

Tips for Adding Flavor with Booze

Don't just go for liquor in these treats – try a liqueur. Liqueurs are mixed with herbs, fruits, spices or other flavorings and tend to be sweeter, complementing the ice cream in the shake. Favorites for a milkshake addition include hazelnut-flavored Frangelico, sweet Irish crème, almond-flavored Amaretto, coffee-intense Kahlua, minty crème de menthe, orange-y Grand Marnier and tropical crème de banane. Plain liquors can go into a boozy shake, too, but flavored versions are usually best. Fruit-flavored brandies, chocolate vodka and coconut rum are tasty additions. You might add a bit of plain bourbon, whisky or even stout to a milkshake, but usually as a complement to another flavored liquor or liqueur. Try mixing a vanilla shake with bourbon, Irish crème and stout.

Blend Up Perfection

Use about two scoops of ice cream per single serving milkshake. Add a tablespoon or two of whole milk – the fat creates the richest shake – and the booze, then blend. If you're adding a combination of alcohols, add just a splash or two of each type. Add no more than a shot of alcohol total per shake. For an icier treat, add about 1/2 cup of crushed ice.

Shake it Up: Add-Ins and Toppings

You can make boozy milkshakes in just about any combination – let your creativity go wild. Achieve fruity and tropical shakes with coconut rum, milk and two scoops of mango coconut sorbet. Top with toasted coconut shavings and cubes of fresh mango. A decadent chocolate shake could include chocolate vodka, chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk. Add a splash of cold, strongly brewed coffee to heighten the chocolate flavors. Peppermint shakes with vanilla ice cream and crème de menthe are perfect for the holidays. Top with shavings of chocolate and a peppermint stick. Don't hesitate to blend other delicious ingredients into a boozy shake, such as fresh fruit, berries, candy bars, marshmallows or cookie crumbs.