Dryness, split ends, and damage from coloring can leave you with hair that needs rejuvenation. Don't spend tons of money or time on an expensive salon treatment. Use your Vitamix machine to create healing homemade hair masks that revitalize your locks.

Brilliant Bananas

Bananas contain healthy compounds that nourish dry hair. Blend one that's ripe (but not overly mushy) in your Vitamix machine with a tablespoon of wild honey, which makes your hair soft and helps repair damage. When it's completely pureed, pat onto dry hair, cover with a shower cap and relax for about 20 minutes. Rinse it out and shampoo as usual. Add half an avocado and a tablespoon of olive oil to the mix to reduce frizz and increase softness, or use the avocado and honey by themselves. Half a cup of yogurt added to the banana and honey supplies extra conditioning power as well.

Egg on You

A raw egg treatment produces a soft, shiny 'do. Eggs contain lecithin, a fat that is highly emollient and reduces static, as well as protein that helps fortify strands. Mix a whole egg along with half an avocado (which contains additional moisturizing fats) or a tablespoon of olive oil and mash together. Whip the mixture into a smooth, slightly foamy concoction in your Vitamix blender and apply it to your hair. Allow your hair to absorb the mixture for about 20 minutes before you rinse. Add a splash of white vinegar if you've overused styling products; the vinegar acts as a natural clarifier.

Lush Coconut

Dry locks love all things coconut. Use canned coconut milk — not the refrigerated one in the carton, which has less nourishing fat — and mix with a few drops of lavender oil for a pleasant scent. Drench your hair in it, put on a shower cap and go to bed. In the morning, wash the mask out and style as usual. Add honey to the mask if you want more softening benefits.