The saying “variety is the spice of life” is true, even for the littlest (and often pickiest) eaters. Think like a chef by mixing up your kids’ lunchbox with an exciting assortment of colors and flavors, and it’s sure to arrive home empty every time. See below for some healthy lunch ideas!

Add Hummus, Pesto or Almond Butter

In addition to variety, choosing foods that are easy for little hands to eat and that travel well are the other keys to packing a school lunch.

Start with a protein and a sandwich with:

  • Instead of white bread, reach for Whole Wheat Bread or wraps, or crunchy lettuce cups.

    Juice Recipes for Lunch

    If, like most kids, yours struggle with eating their veggies, try sweet-tasting and colorful orange, red, or yellow peppers, crisp whole snap peas, and juicy cherry tomatoes. Instead of sugary juice boxes, give them Freshly Blended Juice and Smoothies. And while it’s always smart to sub in fresh fruit for cookies, remember that some travel better than others. Instead of hard-to-eat apples or delicate raspberries and pears, give grapes, blueberries, orange slices, or clementines as sweet treats.