Cooking for a large group of people doesn't have to be overwhelming—not when you plan a fondue night. With a party centered around fondue, you'll enjoy easy prep while still hosting a truly crowd-pleasing event! A blender makes prep work simple behind the scenes, and pots of fondue are always a hit with friends and family. As a bonus, fondue parties encourage mingling and interaction among your guests. So how can you plan a fondue night that's a big success without being a big hassle? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Plan the Menu

To plan a fun fondue night, start by deciding what fondues you want to make. From a spinach and artichoke dip to a dark-chocolate raspberry fondue, there are lots of easy recipes you can make in your blender. Remember: more options mean more fun! You'll want to aim to have at least one pot per every four or five people to avoid overcrowding. Likewise, shoot for about one pound of food per person attending. Once you've nailed down which fondues you'll serve, you can plan the foods you'll dip.

2. Select the Right Tools

In addition to the fondue pots, you'll want multiple fondue forks—at least two per person per course. Each person needs one fork to put in the pot and one fork to eat with if you want to avoid double-dipping. It's also a good idea to use heat-safe, disposable plates or have enough plates to swap out with each new course.

3. Go Bite-Sized

Whether you're serving toast to dip in a cheese fondue or fruit for a chocolate sauce, always think bite-sized for a fondue party. If you're serving bread or cake, cut it into cubes that will fit easily onto fondue skewers, and make sure larger fruits, like apples or melons, are served in slices or chunks.

4. Cook the Fondue Before Serving

You'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you make your warm fondues on the stove and then transfer them to their fondue pots for serving. Or, if you have a Vitamix blender, no stove is required--ingredients are heated by the friction of the blades while they blend. Once they're out for your guests, cheese and dessert fondues should stay warm at about 120° Fahrenheit. If you're using any pots of oil or broth, they should stay at around 375° Fahrenheit.

5. Prep Your Ingredients

Get ready for party night by mixing your fondues and chopping up the ingredients you plan to dip. You might have a bowl of toasted bread, a platter of fresh fruit, serving trays of meat, and/or an array of raw or partially cooked vegetables. Once you get everything prepped and plated, you're all set!

When you're looking for a fun and simple way to relax with friends and family, try hosting a classic fondue night. As loved ones gather together to dunk foods in hot sauces and dips, they'll taste lots of different flavors and enjoy getting to know one another in the process.