At first glance, it might be difficult to tell what makes one brand of blender different from another. All blenders blend…right? But compare a smoothie that still has unwanted chunks of kale, flax seeds, and frozen berries, no matter how long you run the machine – versus a silky-smooth mixture that seamlessly incorporates each and every ingredient – and you’ll taste the difference in a single sip. Read on to learn why Vitamix is the best blender for smoothies (plus soups, sauces, dips, desserts and more), and the most reliable, high-performance machine you can buy.

  1. Comprehensive Design

Vitamix engineers take a holistic approach to designing their singular blenders. It’s not just about quality materials or impressive horsepower, it’s about how every piece of the machine works together cohesively to create an advanced blending system. The motor is designed to maintain even torque and cool temperatures, even at high speeds, to smoothly blend, chop, or puree any ingredient. The container creates a high-powered funneling vortex that rotates ingredients through the blades at top speeds. And blades are laser-cut (not stamped) from hardened stainless steel so they can pulverize ingredients for years to come.

  1. Proven Results

For Vitamix, innovative craftsmanship results in the smoothest, most precise blend you can achieve. After all, what good is a smoothie blender if it doesn’t deliver on its promise of smooth results? Some machines claim to be high-powered, but result in an inconsistent, chunky mixture, even after several minutes of blending. Vitamix smoothie makers pulverize even the toughest ingredients for silky-smooth blends every time, making eating healthy easy and delicious for you and your family. In fact, Vitamix full-size blenders are able to create blends that are at least five times smoother than the Ninja® Professional BL660.

To illustrate the advantage it offers over other brands, Vitamix recently developed the Blend Quality Index (BQI), a new standardized test protocol that measures the smoothness and homogenization of blends. The test consists of blending dry black beans with water for one minute (black beans make an ideal test ingredient, both because of their consistent size and moisture content, as well as the fact that their high-fiber composition makes them difficult to blend completely). After blending, the mixture is strained through a series of sieves, then put through a device that shakes the mixture. Each is weighed to determine the amount remaining, and an equation is used to determine the homogenization of the mixture.

The results of extensive BQI testing showed that Vitamix performed ten times better than other top-selling blenders. That means that consumers get dramatically smoother results in a Vitamix blender than in other blenders that claim to work just as well. “We found that the performance of other machines drops sharply—drastically even—when their blenders are tested under load; that is, with food in the container,” says Mark Fleming, Vice President of Product Management for Vitamix. “Conversely, at Vitamix, we design our machines to maintain speed under load. The Vitamix 7500, for instance, measured 16,000 RPM under a rated load of 1380 watts. Simply put, our blades spin faster when blending food than competitive machines tested, which ensures an exceptional blend. Other blenders simply mix and stir and slow down dramatically even with just water in their containers.”

  1. Durability

Each Vitamix blender is crafted with care to last for years. A double bearing assembly keeps the blade from rocking inside the container over time, which hurts blend quality and lifespan of the blender. And every machine comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers parts, labor, and return shipping for 5 to 10 years.

  1. Trusted by Top Smoothie Chains

Need more proof that Vitamix is in a class of its own? Vitamix is the top brand of choice by top retail smoothie chains. And if a Vitamix machine can stand up to the harsh demands of commercial environments, it must be the best blender for smoothies you create in your own home kitchen.