Around the world, different cultures infuse their sauces with the seasonings of their surroundings. From pungent spices to fresh herbs to juicy fruits, the ingredients in a sauce can bring wonderful flavours to any meal. Take your friends and family on a culinary adventure with these flavours from well-known culinary capitals. Turn traditional tacos into a mod Mexican fiesta with Black Bean and Jalapeño Sauce, used in place of the traditional beans, then top with cheese and fresh lettuce.

For a unique Asian sauce, top grilled pork tenderloin or chicken breasts with Blackberry Five Spice Sauce, which includes whole blackberries that the Vitamix machine will blend into a smooth, richly coloured sauce. Serve with a side of sautéed veggies for a simple meal elevated by the spicy-sweet sauce.

Takeout curry is no match for the inviting spices and golden colour of Thai Curry Carrot Sauce. Coconut milk and lemongrass add classic Thai flavours to the dish, which you can serve with rice and steamed veggies, or grilled fish and shrimp.

With their versatility and adaptability, sauces can satisfy a wide range of tastes and worldly flavours at the same table, thereby making an excellent choice for casual entertaining.