Everyone has an opinion. When you’re considering a new blender purchase, one of the most helpful forms of research is to read blender reviews from actual owners. But how do you sort through the pages of online search results to find the ones that will be most useful? These three tips will help you tune out the noise and focus on the most valuable feedback.

  1. Look for Verified Purchasers
  2. Whenever possible, find reviews from verified owners. This helps to ensure that you’re reading a review from someone who has actually purchased the machine you’re considering. Other good resources are websites that test products. Reputable websites will publish their testing criteria on the site, so you’ll know exactly how they conducted their tests.

  3. Know What You Need in a Blender
  4. Do you want to make green smoothies packed with hearty veggies? Will you be blending lots of frozen fruit? Knowing how you plan to use your blender can help you focus on relevant reviews. If you read a review of someone who only makes protein shakes, but you want to make soups and sauces, you might not get an accurate picture of how that blender will perform for you.

  5. Go the Distance
  6. Find reviews that mention how long the user has had their blender. While you shouldn’t completely disregard reviews where the user has only spent a week or two with their blender, a better gauge of the durability of the machine will come from someone who comments on the performance after months or years of regular use. Beyond reviews, you can check warranties and research the quality of the blender’s components.

Before you can buy the best blender, it’s important to do the best research. That means finding the best blender reviews. With the tips above, you’ll be arming yourself with the information you need to find the best blender for you.