Every Vitamix blender is incredibly capable right out of the box – full-size machines can make commercial-quality smoothies, nut butter, hot soup without a stove, soy milk, and much more. To get even more out of your machine, consider Blending Cups and Bowls, which work with all Ascent Series and Venturist models. Blend, store, and take on the go – all in the same container. They’re easy to use and designed to maximize the versatility and convenience of your blender.

Total Blending Solution

The Ascent and Venturist blenders are compatible with a range of container sizes that together create a total blending solution. A standard 64-ounce low-profile blending container is perfect for larger batches, while your full-size blender can become a personal blender when you add the cups and bowls. The 20-ounce cup is great for smaller-volume blends like smoothies and emulsions like salad dressings, and the pourable spout makes it easy to drink or serve right from the container. Since the Blending Cups and Bowls use the same blade base, you can save by purchasing just one starter pack, then adding other containers.

Blending Cups and Bowls are self-cleaning, dishwasher safe, and backed by a 3-year full warranty.

Smart Blender

Vitamix Ascent Series blenders are engineered with new SELF-DETECT® technology, so the machine knows precisely which container is placed on the base and automatically adjusts blend timings and speeds, ensuring consistent results every time. The machine will not power on until a container is properly seated on the motor base with the lid correctly fitted, and certain programs are automatically disabled if the wrong container is used, such as hot soup in any container but the 64-ounce container.

Blend, Store, & Go

The Blending Cup is a 20-ounce Blending cup that’s perfect for taking a smoothie on the go. Once you’re done blending, unscrew the blade base and swap it for a spill-proof drinking lid. It’s a fast and easy way to get out the door with breakfast in hand – plus, there are no extra dishes to wash.

The Blending Bowl is a smaller 8-ounce container that comes with a stackable storage lid. Smaller purées like baby food or sesame sauce are perfect in the Blending Bowl, and it’s great for food prep too. You can grind spices and coffee beans, or quickly chop harder ingredients like garlic or ginger using the pulse button.

For more information on Blending Cups and Bowls, visit Vitamix.com