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Do More With Less

Our blenders grind spices, chop salsas, purée root vegetables, emulsify dressings, heat sauces…should we keep going? One blender that can take the place of multiple tools means more space in your kitchen. And as kitchens shrink to add tables to the dining room, every inch counts.

Easy To Use

Our equipment is intuitive, so your new hire will be a seasoned pro in no time. There’s no complicated alignment, nothing to click into place—just set our container on the base, secure the lid, and go.

Waste Reduction in the Kitchen

From nose to tail and leaf to root, high-performance blending helps you use every part of the ingredient for less waste, lower costs, and respect for the harvest and the hands that raised it.

Providing Durable Equipment to the World’s Leading Chains

Millions of smoothies and frozen treats blended and served daily through leading chains.

The Vitamix is one of my favorite tools behind the bar. It certainly makes our job a lot easier.

Andrew Volk, Owner, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club

Quality Blends

From creamy smoothies to the layered textures of a chunky salsa, your Vitamix machine will give you the power and control to deliver the most precise blends in the business.

Faster Everything

Faster blends. Faster pours. Faster clean-up. With improved efficiency, your Vitamix machine will help you make every second count.

Consistent Quality

Program settings give you the same results every time, at every location, no matter who’s running the blender. So your customers are happy and your brand is protected.

Continuous Processing

You don’t have time to stop blenders, remove lids, and scrape containers. And with a Vitamix machine, you don’t have to. Because our specially-designed Accelerator Tool lets you blend thick and frozen mixtures without stopping the machine—or making contact with the blades—saving you time and frustration.


Vitamix standard warranties cover your motor base for three full years and your container for one, regardless of how many cycles you rack up. Just one less thing for you to worry about.

A Strong Investment

Our premium engineering plus standard 3-year warranty will go the distance in your food or beverage operation.

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An Easy Choice

Food or beverage, front of house or back, there’s a Vitamix machine to suit your menu and your batch sizes. Select a product category below, and we’ll lead you from there.

Beverage Blenders


Choose from covered or uncovered, programmed settings or standard speed control.

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Food Preparation

Food Prep

Get faster, smoother results with the most trusted blender among professional chefs.

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Frozen Treat Mixers

Frozen Treats

Incorporate mix-ins into frozen treats with programmed settings or standard controls.

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