1. Take it to go. Blend in the 20-ounce container and take your breakfast smoothies or protein shakes to the office or gym.
  2. Not your average personal blender. The S30 is capable of more than just smoothies. Create everything from dips and frozen desserts to dressings and soups.
  3. A container for everyone. Purchase additional 20-ounce containers so the whole family can quickly take their blends to go.
  4. No time? No problem. Kids can be just as busy as you are. Send them off with a snack when after-school activities cut into dinnertime.
  5. Pack your bags; the S30 is going on vacation. The compact size of the S30 means you don’t have to be without it when traveling.
  6. Small ecological footprint. Every Vitamix machine is built to last, and the S30 is no different. With premium engineering and a 5-year full warranty, the S30 is meant for the kitchen, not the landfill.
  7. It shows off, but still fits in with the crowd. Less than 6 inches wide and standing less than 16 inches tall with either container in place, the S30 is small enough to fit on your countertop without sending the toaster to the cabinet.
  8. Smaller yields, no waste. Every S30 recipe is tailored to the size of each container, so you’ll always create just enough for a single serving in the 20-ounce container and a small batch in the 40-ounce container.
  9. Take it to the party. With lightweight containers, make a dip or vinaigrette and take it to a tailgate or dinner party.
  10. Easy clean-up. Spend more time enjoying your Vitamix-made meals and less time worrying about cleaning them up. Both containers are top rack dishwasher-safe.

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