Since the introduction of fast-food ice cream and candy blends in 1982, Vitamix has been supporting large chain restaurants and convenient stores with consistent, reliable blending equipment. Large or small, any business can put our patented blending technology to work to incorporate a profitable frozen treat program.

When an ice cream manufacturer tried to partner with convenience stores to offer specialty milkshakes, the program was unsuccessful due to frequent equipment failures and high maintenance expenses. The machine’s messy delivery also wasted large amounts of product and resources.

The ice cream company turned to Vitamix for help, and tested the Mix’n Machine for 90 days. With immediate success, the company quickly rolled the machines out to 450 convenience store locations.

Today, the ice cream manufacturer sells an average of 4 million shakes per year (9,000 shakes per location) and estimates that the shake program alone has contributed $8 million per year to the company’s profit margins. What could a frozen treat program do for your business?